Masalta Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Add.: No.20, Dalian Road, Baohe Industrial Estate, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
Postal code: 230051
Tel.: +86-551-64846601
Fax: +86-551-64846616
Contact person: Milo

Leading Light Construction Machinery Manufacturer

Masalta is a China-based manufacturer of an extensive range of equipment and component parts for the light construction industry. Our main products include the compaction equipment, concrete surface finishing screed, power trowel, floor saw, concrete mixer, and light tower. We have experienced rapid growth and expansion in recent years. In 1996, our company started to produce scarifying cutters for scarifying machines. In 1999 we began manufacturing machines such as plate compactors. In 2005, the first tamping rammer was completed on our assembly line. In 2008, both the single and double drum road rollers were launched into world market.

    1. MR68H Tamping Rammer
    2. MR68H Tamping RammerThe MR68H cohesive soil tamping rammer is specifically designed for the compacting of cohesive soils such as clay and silt. Similar materials
    1. MS90 Forward Compactor
    2. MS90 Forward CompactorThe MS90 plate compactor incorporates our latest design concept and is suitable for most types of compaction work. The centrally located lifting bar and built-in
    1. Single Drum Road Roller
    2. Single Drum Road RollerSingle Drum Vibratory Roller MSR58 The MSR58 single drum road roller is lightweight and highly maneuverable. It is designed for the compaction of...
    1. Double Drum Road Roller
    2. Double Drum Road RollerThe MDR65 double drum roller offers a more efficient alternative to conventional chain and belt driven rollers commonly seen on the current
    1. MH160 Hydraulic Reversible Compactor
    2. MH160 Hydraulic Reversible CompactorThe MH160 hydraulic reversible plate compactor is the newest model to be unveiled in the Masalta compactor lineup. The versatile machine
    1. MCD (MCB) Surface Finishing Screed
    2. MCD (MCB) Surface Finishing Screed The MCD (MCB) surface finishing screed is both simple to operate and low maintenance. SCREEDEASY technology provides uniform vibration
    1. MT36 Power Trowel
    2. MT36 Power TrowelThe convenient lifting tube is a standard feature that allows the machine to be deployed with only two people. As a precaution ...
    1. MF14  Floor Saw
    2. MF14 Floor Saw This structural design extends the service life of both the saw and the blade. The height adjustable handle is ergonomic and provides operator comfort. Cutting depth can be ...