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New Robin ER12 4-hp engine
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The MR70R tamping rammer employs first class ER12 4-hp engine from Robin. The engine is the updated version of EH12 series, featuring optimized performance and competitive price. This soil compactor comes with oil level sensor and automatic engine shutdown system to avoid the engine damage for high operating safety and long lifespan.

The trench rammer is well received by virtue of the high economic efficiency, stable performance, high reliability and high cost performance. In addition, the reasonable price brings more benefit to the users.

Technical Specification
Model MR70R Tamping Rammer
Engine Type Robin ER12
Power (kW) 2.9 (4 hp)
Weight (kg) 72 (159 lb)
Impact Force (kN) 13.5
Jumping Stroke (mm) 40-80(1.6-3.1 inch)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 2.8
Shoe Size (mm) 330×285 (13×11 inch)
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