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Durable plastic oil tank
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Low Noise Tamping Rammer

The MR65R low noise tamping rammer features the late model four stroke ER12 petrol engine from Robin. Protected with a top frame cover, this engine starts smoothly and operates quietly. A side cover on the engine prevents the accumulation of particles within the recoil starter. In order to increase operating efficiency, we have incorporated a uniquely designed throttle lever. A heavy-duty plastic oil tank is used to prevent rust. The polyurethane ribbed bellow is imported from Germany. The machine shoes are crafted from steel and laminated wood for improved vibration absorption. Load-in is made easy with convenient rollers. A specially made trolley kit offers greater mobility and is utilized to transport the tamping rammer.

Technical Specifications

Model MR65R
Engine Type Petrol,Robin ER12
Power Kw(hp) 2.9(4.0)
Weight Kg(lb) 65(143)
impact Force kN 13
Jumping Stroke mm(in) 40-80(1.6-3.2)
Fuel Tank L 2.8
Shoe size mm(in) 350X285(14X11)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.
The low noise tamping rammer is often employed in narrow worksites such as roadbeds, bridges, and canals. The contraption weighs 65kg and can be difficult to move. The hammer of the machine has been modified with a wheel for added mobility. The onboard vibration absorption system greatly alleviates arm stress and offers a much more user friendly operating experience.

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