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Special Protective Frame for the Engine
Additional Built-in Air Filtration System
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Cohesive Soil Tamping Rammer

The MR68H cohesive soil tamping rammer is specifically designed for the compacting of cohesive soils such as clay and silt. Similar materials including sand and gravel can also be solidified. The machine is ideal for small repair jobs and jobs in narrow or confined areas such as trenches. Masalta rammers are built to last. These performance tools are well balanced, easy to operate, and highly maneuverable. The integrated fuel valve makes startup both easy and smooth; it is unnecessary to mix oil and fuel. Fuel consumption is much more economical than similar models with 2-stroke engines. Heavy duty throttle control offers the operator greater stability. Engine air filters work in combination with the onboard air filtration system to trap particles and prolong the potential service life of the machine. A plastic oil tank is used to prevent rust. All products are fully tested before being shipped.

Technical Specification

Model MR68H
Engine Air-cooled,4-cycle,single cylinder
Engine Type Petrol, Honda GX100
Power kW (hp) 2.2 (3.0)
Operation Mass kg(lbs) 68 (149)
Percussion Rate per min. 650-695
Impact Force kg 1300
Jumping Stroke mm 40-85
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.8
Shoe Size mm(in) 330 × 285
Dimension mm(in) 430 × 760 × 1020(17 × 31 × 40)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

The engine of the cohesive soil tamping rammer has a percussion rate ranging between 650 and 690 rounds per minute. The ramming hammer itself is economically forged from steel plates and laminated wood, effectively absorbing disruptive vibrations while allowing for greater stability. Maximum force of impact is benchmarked at 1300kg, sufficient for compacting materials such as clay, gravel, and concrete.

Our company is a specialized cohesive soil tamping rammer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including single drum road roller, power trowel, floor saw, mini concrete mixer, and more.

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