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Rammer Compactor with Air Cooled Engine

The MR75R rammer compactor with air cooled engine is designed for compacting cohesive soils such as clay and silt; it is also effective on less bondable mediums such as sand and gravel. This tamping machine is ideal for small repair jobs and can be readily deployed in confined areas. The air cooled engine is a clear upgrade from the conventional 2-stroke engine. Our model features low-noise operations, low maintenance, and reduced fuel consumption. The integrated fuel valve guarantees a smooth start, it is no longer necessary to mix oil and fuel. Heavy duty throttle control enables performance that is more reliable and longer lasting. The onboard air filtration system works in combination with the engine air-cleaners to provide added protection against particles, increasing the potential service life of the engine. The rammer compactor with air cooled engine utilizes a plastic oil tank to avoid rust buildup. Rammer shoes are specially crafted from steel plate and laminated wood for improved vibration absorption.

Technical Specifications

Model MR75R
Engine Air-cooled,4-cycle,single cylinder
Engine Type Petrol, Robin EH12-2D
Power kw(hp) 3.0(4.0)
Operation Mass kg(lbs) 75(165)
Percussion Rate per min. 640-680
lmpact Force kg 1400
Jumping Stroke mm 40-80
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.8
Shoe Size mm(in) 330×285(13×11)
Dimension mm(in) 430×760×1020(17×31×40)
We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

The rammer compactor is driven by a Robin EH12-2D gasoline engine and supplied by a 2.8L fuel tank. During operation, the contraption jumps off the ground and utilizes its weight for compacting purposes. It is capable of 640 to 680 vibrations per minute; each pumping action delivers 1400kg of force. The ergonomic and user-friendly design shields the operator from harmful elements. A pull handle and protective bar are installed on top of the machine. These convenient add-ons increase working efficiency while greatly improving operating safety.

As a professional rammer compactor with air cooled engine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer surface finishing screed, diamond saw blade, concrete mixer, notched adhesive spreading trowel, and more.

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