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Diesel Engine Compaction Rammer

The MR85D diesel engine compaction rammer is our solution to the trending diesel preference in construction markets. The low emission Masalta model offers powerful performance with reduced energy consumption. It is ideal for compacting mixed, granular, or cohesive soil at larger worksites. The Yanmar diesel engine can be conveniently supplied with fuel and is easy to maintain. When the engine is used in combination with thicker jumping springs, a much stronger impact force is delivered. The concise structure of the diesel engine compaction rammer grants the operator easy accessibility. For instance, the ingeniously designed throttle lever allows for smooth operation and is conveniently placed. The plastic oil tank has a large capacity and prevents rusting. Rammer shoes are forged in steel and padded with laminated wood for optimal shock absorption.

Technical Specifications

Model MR85D
Engine Type Diesel, Yanmar L48
Power Kw(hp) 3.5(4.8)
Weight Kg(lb) 85(187)
impact Force kN 18
Jumping Stroke mm(in) 40-80 (1.6-3.1)
Fuel Tank L 2.8
Shoe size mm(in) 350×285(14×11)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

As a China-based diesel engine compaction rammer manufacturer and supplier, Masalta provides a broad range of products, including petrol engine tamping rammer, surface finishing screed, mini concrete mixer, light tower, and more.

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