Tamping Rammer

The Masalta tamping rammer has high operating efficiency and low maintenance costs. Stable and durable, this economical contraption is a solid addition to any worksite. Specifically designed for heavy duty use, our rammer is well balanced, user-friendly, and highly maneuverable in tight spaces such as pipes and trenches. A protective frame houses the 4-stroke petrol engine, preventing structural damage. The heavy shock mount system greatly reduces vibrations to the hand and arm, improving operator comfort. Our balanced tamping rammer delivers colossal compaction force through controlled pumping action. The onboard polyurethane bellow operates on a reliable lubricating system and is of premium German stock. Stress and performance tests are thoroughly conducted prior to packaging and shipping.

The tamping rammer is a type of small machinery that utilizes ramming and vibrations to perform compaction. It can be used to solidify clay, sandy soil, composite soil, and hot asphalt. Designed for continuous operation with enormous impacting power, the device performs exceptionally well on clay and composite soil worksites that require a high degree of compaction.

As a specialized tamping rammer manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of products, including hydraulic reversible compactor, concrete finishing trowel, light tower, portable concrete vibrator, and much more.

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