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Plate Compactor MS50

The MS50 plate compactor is a poplar model amongst DIY users. The mobility and easy-to-service design are both very attractive features. Heavy duty shock mounts effectively insulate the handles and the upper engine against vibration. The circular rim design protects both the machine and its surrounding objects. Optional add-ons for the plate compactor include foldable or straight handles and a 2kg built-in wheel assembly; these components enable easy transportation and storage. The lifting hook is available as a standard part.

Technical Specifications

Model MS50-2
Engine Type Chinese Petrol Engine
Power kw (hp) 1.8 (2.5)
Operation Mass kg (lbs) 54(119)
Frequency vpm 5900
Centrifugal Force kN 8.2
Compaction Depth cm (in) 20(8)
Travel Speed cm/s (in/s) 37(15)
Efficiency M²/hr (ft²/hr) 350(3733)
Plate Size cm (in) 43x31(17x12)
Dimension cm (in) 90x31x88 (35x12x34)

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