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Optional 2kg transport wheel assembly
MSR90 with rubber mat for brick paving compaction is available
MSR90 with rubber mat-feature
Rubber mat
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Plate Compactor MS90

The MS90 plate compactor incorporates our latest design concept and is suitable for most types of compaction work. The centrally located lifting bar and built-in wheel enables easy transportation. A ductile iron base plate increases the overall durability of the machine structure. The sealed belt cover stops the infiltration of sand and soil granules. The optimized radius of the tamping plate allows it to operate easily around corners. Additionally, the large variety of optional add-ons makes this model extremely versatile. For instance, the rubber mat allows it to deliver brick paving compaction. Hot and cold asphalt can be processed when the plate compactor is fitted with a water sprinkler system. The built-in transport wheels weigh 2kg and offers excellent mobility. These optional wheels can be folded along with the handle for convenient storage. The hose-less water tank is detachable and comes with a built-in valve.

Technical Specifications

Model MS90-1 MS90-3 MS90-4
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Engine Type Diesel, Kipor 170 Petrol, Robin EX17 Petrol, Honda GX160
kw (hp)
3.1(4.2)   4.2(5.7)   4.0(5.5)
Mass kg (lbs)
94(208)   83(183)   83(183)
Frequency vpm 5500
Centrifugal Force kN 13.0
Compaction Depth cm (in) 30(12)
Travel Speed
cm/s (in/s)
Efficiency M²/hr (ft²/hr) 660(7100)
Plate Size cm (in) 53x50(21x20)
Dimension cm (in) 110x83x50(43x33x20)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

As a China-based forward compactor manufacturer and supplier, at Masalta we also offer low emission tamping rammer, surface finishing screed, floor saw, and mini concrete mixer, among others.

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