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Plate Compactor MS100

The MS100 plate compactor is powerfully designed for the efficient compaction of grit, sand, gravel, and other granular materials. The reversible handle is conveniently placed and especially designed to work in conjunction with the heavy-duty shock mounts to insulate against vibrations and reduce operator fatigue. The open structural concept effectively reduces dirt buildup. The exciter is centrally mounted and fully enclosed for the even and uniform delivery of compact force over the entire base plate. A 2kg lifting hook is available as an optional add-on for the fully featured plate compactor.

Technical Specifications

Model  MS100-1 MS100-3  MS100-4
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Engine Type Diesel, Kipor 170 Petrol, Robin EX17 Petrol, Honda GX160
Power kw (hp) 3.1(4.2)  4.2(5.7)  4.0(5.5)
Operation Mass kg (lbs) 104(230)  93(205)  93(205)
Frequency VPM 7000
Centrifugal Force kN 19.8
Compaction Depth cm (in) 30(12)
Travel Speed cm/s (in/s) 45(18)
EfficiencyM²/hr (ft²/hr) 770(8300)
Plate Size cm (in) 46x61(18x24)
Dimension cm (in) 110x46x66(43x18x26)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

As a specialized forward compactor manufacturer and supplier in China, Masalta also provides double drum road roller, floor saw, kerb and gutter profile trowel, block splitter, and much more.

Related Names: Heavy Duty Forward Compacting Device | Vibratory Plate Compaction Tool

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