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1. The MS250 reversible plate compactor is user friendly and designed with easy-to-reach control.
2. There are large shock mounts provided for the soil compaction device to reduce vibration.
3. With outstanding wear resistance, the base plate has long service life.
4. Our heavy duty plate compactor adopts open design for less dirt buildup.
5. The lifting bar is centrally located, achieving easy transportation of the reversible plate compactor.
6. A wrap around protection cage helps prevent the product from being damaged.
7. This trench compactor can be equipped with throttle control device if required.

Technical Specification
Model MS250-1 MS250-3 MS250-4
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Engine Type Diesel, Kipor 186 Petrol, Robin EX27 Petrol, Honda GX270
Power (kW) 6.6 (9.0 hp) 6.6 (9.0 hp) 6.6 (9.0 hp)
Operation Mass (kg) 250 (560 lb) 219 (490 lb) 219 (490 lb)
Frequency (Hz) 72
Centrifugal Force (kN) 35
Compaction Depth (cm) 70 (28 inch)
Travel Speed (cm/s) 25 (10 in/s)
Working Efficiency (m2/hr) 580 (6200 ft2/hr)
Plate Size (cm)* 89×60 (35×24 inch)
Dimension (cm) 90×65×150 (35×26×59 inch)

We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the product specification without prior notice.

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