Mechanical Reversible Plate Compactor

The mechanical reversible plate compactor incorporates superior compaction performance with a low maintenance design.  Compaction can be achieved in any direction, forward or backwards. The contraption is highly maneuverable in narrow trenches or along foundations, walls, and abutments. A centrally located lifting bar allows for easy transportation both in and out of trenches. It is the ideal equipment for handling sand, gravel, and other composite soils. The onboard mechanical control system is engineered for stability. Heavy duty shock mounts greatly reduce vibrations on the upper deck. The wear-resistant base plates significantly extend potential service life while the open structural design reduces dirt buildup.  Standard jobsites for the mechanical reversible plate compactor include locations such as backfills, sewer trenches, compacting foundations, and general road-building projects. The heavy duty industrial throttle control is available as an optional add-on.

As an experienced mechanical reversible plate compactor manufacturer and supplier in China, Masalta offers a comprehensive range of products, including cohesive soil tamping rammer, surface finishing screed, floor saw, vibrator poker, and more.

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