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MSR58 Deadman control and reversing protection
MSR58 normal overhang for operation close to walls and curbs
Variable height adjustment
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Single Drum Vibratory Roller MSR58

The MSR58 single drum road roller is lightweight and highly maneuverable. It is designed for the compaction of asphalt and various granular mediums. Aside from its landscaping applications, the roller can also be utilized for maintenance jobs around small worksites such as bridges and footpaths. The Masalta MSR58 is fundamentally different from conventional chain or belt driven rollers on the market. Our single drum road roller is outfitted with a fully featured hydraulic drive system that combines hydraulic pump and motors to power both mechanical movement and vibration output. Periodical fine tuning allows the machine to perform efficiently and consistently.

1. The reversing safeguard and Deadman control system are designed for operator safety.
2. Easily accessible controls allow for convenient operation.
3. The height-adjustable handle is ergonomically designed and simplifies the transport process.
4. Self-cleaning scrapers effectively prevent the dirt buildup.
5. The beveled drum edge eliminates surface markings.
6. Side clearance allow for a close pavement approach, enabling easy navigation around walls, curbs, and other obstacles.
7. The compact body of the single drum road roller allows it to maneuvers easily in confined areas.
8. Thick drum shells increase its potential service life.
9. The removable water tank has a large capacity and possesses anti-corrosion properties.
10. A built-in cooling fan operates continuously and extends the potential service life of onboard components.

Technical Specifications

Model MSR58H MSR58R
Engine Type HondaG×160  Robin E×17
Power Kw(hp) 4.0(5..5)  4.2(5.7)
Weight Kg(lb) 185(408)
Drum Diameter mm(in) 580×Φ400(23×Φ16)
Static Linear Force N/cm 10
Centrifugal Force kN 28.5
Frequency vpm(Hz) 4560(76)
Travel Speed km/h 0-1.5
Water tank Capacity L 15

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

Masalta is a professional single drum road roller manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including cohesive soil tamping rammer, submersible pump, floor saw, concrete finishing trowel, and much more.

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