Drum Roller

The Masalta walk-behind drum roller is designed for rugged terrain and is suitable for a multitude of applications in the construction industry. The roller performs well on a wide range of gravel and asphalt surfaces in both open and confined areas.

The drum roller is a type of road construction machinery that is commonly utilized in major compacting projects such as dams, highways, railways, sports arenas, and airfield runways. Rolling compaction performs well on sand, cohesive soil, semi-cohesive soil, foundation sediment, as well as asphalt and concrete pavement layers. This method applies highly concentrated compacting power over uneven ground, eradicating inconsistencies. The guide handle provided by our company greatly simplifies machine operations and enables convenient storage. This specially designed handle reduces the amount of vibration inflected upon the operator when the machine is in use. Additionally, onboard shock mounts absorb excess vibration, thus limiting the abrasive damage dealt to the machine.

Masalta is an experienced drum roller manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including forward plate compactor, floor saw, small concrete mixer, surface finishing screed, and more.

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