Compaction Equipment

Building structures and roads are only as good as their underlying foundation. Part of our compact equipment lineup, the Masalta plate compactor has an operating weight that ranges between 50 to 355kgs. Easy to service, this petrol and diesel powered contraption features a mechanical control system and may very well be the most economical compactor on the market.

Compact equipment includes contraptions such as the tamping machine and pavement roller. These machines are commonly utilized to compress and solidify loose dirt during the construction process. Commonly seen tamping machines include the tamping rammer, plate compactor, etc. Small, narrow construction sites such as courtyards and canals make maneuvering difficult for larger engineering equipment. We offer the mini series tamping machine as a substitute in this situation. Large construction projects for location such as parks, stadiums, and roads all have greater surface areas that are in need of compacting. The highly efficient pavement roller is ideal for these worksites. We are well stocked on all compact equipment models, please contact us for further information.

Masalta is an experienced compaction equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as reversible plate compactor, small concrete mixer, power trowel, and floor saw.

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