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The MCD (MCB) surface finishing screed is both simple to operate and low maintenance. SCREEDEASY technology provides uniform vibration over the entire blade length, enhancing concrete compaction. This process is more accurate and is capable of leveling up to 4 times more concrete than the traditional method. A net weight of 12kg makes our concrete surface finishing screed one of the lightest portable units on the market. The blade can be easily changed within 2 minutes. Masalta blade lengths range between 4ft. (1.2m) and 16ft. (4.9m).

1. The hardened aluminum blade offers a smoother finish.
2. Heavy rubber mounts prevent excess vibration from reaching the handle.
3. The height adjustable handle is optional and can be moved vertically or horizontally.
4. The rounded ends of the blade allow for ease of movement around obstacles
5. The tilt-up stand keeps the engine off the ground and out of concrete when the machine is not in use.
6. The engine is easily connected to the one piece casting body.
7. Emergency stop switch immediately powers down the machine.
8. The concrete surface finishing screed has 7 different working widths. It is can operate at 4ft/1.2m, 6ft/1.8m, 8ft/2.4m, 10ft/3.0m, 12ft/3.7m, 14ft/4.3m, and 16ft/4.9m.
9. The interchangeable blades can be easily swapped.

Technical Specifications

Model MCD-2 MCD-3 MCD-4
Engine Air-cooled, 2-cycle Air-cooled, 4-cycle Air-cooled, 4-cycle
Engine Type Chinese Petrol Engine Robin EH035 Honda GX35
Power kw (hp) 1.4(1.9) 1.2(1.6) 1.2(1.6)
Weight kg (lbs) 12.7(28.0) 12.9(28.4) 317(710)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

Comparison for screeding a 2000 sq. m. concrete slab

Labor required 4 men 1 man
Screeding per man 500 sq. m. 2000 sq. m.
Time required 10 hours 7 hours

Weight of Blades

BladeModel MCB4 MCB6 MCB8 MCB10 MCB12 MCB14 MCB16
Blade Size m (ft) 1.2(4) 1.8(6) 2.4(8) 3.0(10) 3.7(12) 4.3(14) 4.9 (16)
Weight kg (lbs) 2.90(6.40) 4.36(9.60) 5.81(12.80) 7.27(16.00) 8.72(19.20)   10.16(22.40) 11.61(25.60)

The machine net weight is the sum of the blades and the engine assembly.
We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

As a China-based surface finishing screed manufacturer and supplier, we provide a vast array of products, including power trowel, floor saw, diesel engine compaction rammer, small concrete mixer, and more.

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