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The MT36 power trowel is 36 inches in diameter and incorporates a heavy duty design. It can be outfitted with running pans, combination blades, or finishing blades. The convenient lifting tube is a standard feature that allows the machine to be deployed with only two people. As a precaution, the centrifugal safety switch can power down the engine if the operator has lost control of the unit. Blade adjustment is carried out via screw calibration. Optional features include throttle control and a 2.5 kg lifting hook.

Technical Specifications

Model MT36-3 MT36-4
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Engine Type Petrol, Robin EX17 Petrol, Honda GX160
Power kw (hp) 4.2(5.7) 4.0(5.5)
Operation Mass kg (lbs) 75(165) 75(165)
Rotor Diameter cm (in) 90 ( 36 )
Guard Diameter cm (in) 100x100x 50(40x40x 20)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

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