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Walk-Behind Power Trowel

The power trowel MT42/MT46 is designed for heavy duty industrial work. It is available in either 42 or 46 inch models. The contraption works well with running pans, combination blades, or finishing blades. Masalta has included lifting tube, throttle control, and stabilizer ring as standard features, allowing the machine to be conveniently deployed by only two people. Onboard blades can be finely tuned via screw adjustments. A guard ring is installed for the operator's safety. The 2.5kg lifting hook is available as an optional add-on.

Technical Specifications

Model  MT42-3  MT42-4  MT46-3  MT46-4
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Engine Type Petrol, Robin EX27 Petrol, Honda GX270 Petrol, Robin EX27 Petrol, Honda GX270
Power kw (hp) 6.8(9.0)
Operation Mass kg (lbs) 111(244) 115(253) 121(266) 125(275)
Rotor Diameter cm (in) 106(42) 117(46)
Guard Diameter cm (in) 112(44) 121 (47.5)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

Power trowels in this series possess a rotor diameter of either 106 or 117cm. In order to accommodate these rotors, the exterior protective installments are available at 112 and 121cm, respectively. We only utilize brand name gasoline engines such as Honda and Robin to power our high performance machines. Lightweight and structurally sound, these contraptions are built for stability and durability. Low gas consumption and easy maintenance makes our walk-behind power trowels a favorite for contractors or leasing companies.

We are a China-based power trowel manufacturer and supplier. We also provide surface finishing screed, Masalta concrete mixer, kerb and gutter profile trowel, and forward plate compactor, among others.

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