Power Trowel

The power trowel is ideal for running pans, combination blades, or finishing blades. The low maintenance machine has a heavy duty frame and is designed for durability. This economical contraption is the ideal solution for troweling small surfaces edges and corners; its natural weight helps create a superior finish. A topside gearbox helps prolong machine service life. The height adjustable handle is available with a deadman switch, engineered to grant the operator both comfort and ease of access. Precise blade adjustments can be carried out via screw calibration. Throttle control is optional and can be installed upon request.

The power trowel is an indispensable piece of machinery for construction companies and project contractors. In contrast with manual concrete finishing, deployment of this contraption will yield significantly increased density and surface shine. The Masalta series features an intuitive handheld design; the operator is required to stand behind the machine and push. The power trowel can be utilized to smoothen, finish, or extract slurry from concrete surfaces. It is can be employed at worksites such as airports, factories, warehouse, city squares, and parking lots. The compact body of the device allows it to be moved quickly between jobsites. The blade angle and be appropriately widened during operation; the wider the angle, the denser and more polished the concrete surface becomes.

Masalta is a China-based power trowel manufacturer and supplier. We provide a variety of products, including portable concrete vibrator, forward plate compactor, surface finishing screed, green concrete saw, and much more.

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