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The MRT73 ride-on trowel works is cost-effective and highly efficient. The precision machine has super FF flat floor tolerance and can apply finishing to a large concrete surface. The heavy duty gearbox is low maintenance and extends the potential service life of the contraption. The onboard steering system implements twin stick multi-directional steering, providing the operator with responsive controls. The blade pitch may be manually fine tuned for accurate blade adjustment. The seat can be tilted forward for easy access to the engine; underneath the seat is a built-in hoist hook for easy transport on or off the worksite.

1. The sliding seat may be adjusted in a forward or backward orientation.
2. Low profile of the ride-on power trowel results in a lower center of gravity. Additionally, a more level line-of-sight makes surveying of the worksite much easier.
3. The spider assembly, super heavy duty gearbox, and hardened steel frame allow the machine to withstand harsh working conditions.
4. Large capacity side-mount fuel and water tanks enable continuous operation for prolonged periods of time.
5. Trowel arm alignment can be calibrated via adjustment screws for easy onsite blade alignment.
6. Headlights are capable of swing in different directions. 
7. The tool kit in placed in a convenient location and is easy accessible for the operator.

Technical Specifications

 Model MRT73
 Engine Type Honda GX670
 Power Kw(hp) 17.6(24)
 Weight Kg(lb) 280(617)
 Blade Speed rpm 130-150
 Working Dia.Mm(in) 1860(73)
 Overlapping NO

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

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