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Scarifying Machine MC8

The MC8 scarifying machine is highly versatile and can be applied to any surface or coating. It is especially effective on concrete, asphalt, and steel surfaces. We offer a variety of machine accessories including hardened steel cutters, tungsten carbide milling flails, and tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutters. The contraption is ideal for jobs such as sidewalk repair, coating removal, traffic marking removal, and floor preparation or cleaning. Additionally, the machine can also be utilized to create non-slip surfaces or grind uneven surfaces such as concrete joints.

1. The scarifying machine can adjust its cutting depth accordingly.
2. A strong front-mount lifting handle allows for easy transportation.
3. Anti-vibration mounts are installed for operator comfort. 
4. The machine has a powder coated finish and comes with a dust control outlet.
5. The engine power toggle is easily accessible.
6. Sealed quality bearing ensure a longer service life.

Cage Assembly
Technical Specifications

Model Motor Power Working Width Operation Mass
MC8E Electric Motor 2.2kw(3.0hp) 200mm(8in) 42kg(92lbs)
MC8-3 Petrol, Robin EX17 4.2kw(5.7hp) 200mm(8in) 62kg(136lbs)
MC8-4 Petrol, Honda GX160 4.0kw(5.5hp) 200mm(8in) 61kg(134lbs)
Model Motor Power Working Width Operation Mass

* 110V & 380V are available according to requirement.

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

As a China-based scarifying machine manufacturer and supplier, Masalta offers a broad range of products, including power trowel, concrete paving Vee jointer, green concrete saw, hydraulic reversible compactor, and much more.

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