Water Pump

The compact Masalta water pump is crafted with an aluminum casting body and can be used even in locations without a sustainable source of power. The contraption is designed to fully accommodate international construction standards. The pump can be driven by the engines through a flexible shaft inserted into the hose. Our vibrators and water pumps are compatible and can have the same connections.

A pump is a device for sucking and discharging fluid, especially capable of lifting, transmitting, or compressing the fluid. Our company offers submersible pump and water pump. Among these, the pump unit and motor of the former can be immersed into the water and it is the important equipment used in many fields such as domestic water, farm irrigation, as well as foundation landscape. While water pump is used to transport or condense the fluids such as oil, water, acid alkali, emulsion, liquid metal, and so on. Our product is designed reasonably with a compact structure and available with a series of models.

As a China-based water pump manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a wide range of products that includes scarifying machine, hydraulic reversible compactor, mini concrete mixer, tamping rammer, and more.

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