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The hydraulic breaker is specially designed, capable of operating under high back pressure. This hydraulic hammer can be connected to the hydraulic power take-off of the construction equipment like excavator, skid loader and road roller.

1. The handle of the hydraulic breaker is specially constructed for low vibration, reducing the risk of HAVs.
2. It can be used in conjunction with various tools for wide applications.
3. The high impact force, as well as the high vibration frequency, helps improve the working efficiency of the hydraulic rock breaker.
4. The breaker can be conveniently taken out because of its special structure design.
5. Because of gradual increasing in power, it allows users to accurately place the power tool before it works with full power.
6. In addition to the competitive price, this handheld hydraulic breaker is well received due to the stronger power than that of the pneumatic tools.
7. The low energy consumption and the easy maintenance save production cost for the users.
8. Our hydraulic breaker has optimal performance, which is conducive to reducing vibration to the greatest extent.

Technical Specifications
Model Blow Rate (bpm) Flow (L/min) Pressure (Bar) Weigh (kg) Connector Size (mm)
MB20/20 Standard Handle 1600 20 98-138 20 25×108
MB25/20 Standard Handle 1400 20 98-138 25 32×160
MAV20/20 Anti-VIB Handle 1600 20 98-138 27 25×108
MAV25/20 Anti-VIB Handle 1400 20 98-138 32 32×160
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