EMR70H/EMR68M/EMR85M Tamping Rammer

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5.5ph Honda GX160 Engine
Robust shoe
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EMR70H/EMR68M/EMR85M Tamping Rammer

The EMR70H/EMR68M/EMR85M tamping rammer offers strong impact force and is available at competitive costs. This series is newly launched in light of the international financial crisis; included models are designed to accommodate the cost to quality expectations of clients.

1. The 5.5hp Honda GX160 engine is specially modified for rammers. The efficient air filter and optimized carburetor muffler qualify it as one of the most powerful rammer specific petrol engines on the market.
2. Concise machine structure enables minimum maintenance and allows for greater accessibility.
3. The throttle lever mechanism is uniquely designed and enables smoother operation.
4. The heavy shock mount system reduces vibration to the hands and arms, vastly improving operator comfort.
5. A large capacity plastic oil tank prevents rust buildup and increases the potential service life of the EMR70H/EMR68M/EMR85M tamping rammer.
6. Rammer shoes made of steel and laminated wood are designed to withstand continual vibration shock.
7. A protective top frame cover prevents damage to the engine. The polyurethane ribbed bellow is imported from Germany and grants added durability.
8. The rammer will remain perfectly balanced while delivering powerful compaction. The jumping motion is highly contained and will not negatively affect impact force or accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Model EMR70H EMR68M EMR85M
Engine Type Petrol Honda GX160 Petrol Masalta MG160 Diesel Masalta MD48
Power Kw(hp) 4.0(5.5) 3.0(4.0) 2.7(3.7)
Weight Kg(lb) 70(154) 68(149) 85(187)
impact Force kN 15 13.5 16
Jumping Stroke
50-80(2-3.1) 40-80(1.6-3.1) 40-80(1.6-3.1)
Fuel Tank L 2.8 2.8 2.8
Shoe size mm(in) 350×285(13×11) 330X285(13X11) 330X285(13X11)
Dimension mm(in) 689x440x1080(27x17x43) 345x705x1055(14x28x42) 430x760x1020(17x31x40)

We reserve the right to alter or withdraw product specifications without prior notice.

Masalta is an experienced tamping rammer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as double drum road roller, light tower, floor saw, and concrete paving Vee jointer.

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