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Reversible Plate Compactor MS330

The MS330 reversible plate compactor incorporates a low maintenance mechanical control system that is highly economical and reliable. A fully sealed battery cover is provided for the electric starter type, which is standard for diesel engines. The machines in this series are designed with easily accessible controls and can hammer down a compaction depth of up to 900mm. Highly versatile, these contraptions can operate in a forward or backwards orientation and can provide on-spot-compaction. Large shock mounts are in place to prevent heavy vibrations from traveling up to the handle. A semi-covered protection cage effectively prevents the plate from harm. The reversible plate compactor is the ideal tool for backfills, sewer trenches, compacting foundations, and general road-building projects.

Technical Specifications

Model MS330-1 MS330-3 MS330-4
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder
Engine Type Diesel, Kipor 186 Petrol, Robin EX27 Petrol, Honda GX270
Power kw (hp) 6.6(9.0) 6.6(9.0) 6.6(9.0)
Operation Mass kg (lbs) 355(795) 317(710) 321(719)
Frequency vpm 3750
Centrifugal Force kN 38
Compaction Depth cm (in) 90(34)
Travel Speed cm/s (in/s) 0-35(0-14)
EfficiencyM²/hr (ft²/hr) 650(6950)
Plate Size cm (in) 89X67(35X26)
Dimension cm (in) 178X48X90(70X19X35)

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